SharePoint: It’s Okay to Have Other Software Friends

Posted by RocketDocs Content Writer | Jan 30, 2018

When you need a favor, do you have one friend in mind for all your various needs? Probably not. Most likely, you have friends from all walks of life that provide assistance when you need a metaphorical hand. You have well-traveled friends who know of the best destinations when you seek vacation advice. You have artistic friends who know of upcoming concerts and the latest exhibits. And you may even have a friend who rises to the challenge of the most demanding of all favors—a ride to the airport.

You should think of your software in a similar way—different software for different tasks. In the article, SharePoint: What CMS should you migrate to from here?, Christian Burne describes how SharePoint is like a trusty, reliable friend, but it has its limits. Consider the following:

  • SharePoint has an intuitive UI, but creating customizations take a tremendous amount of time.
  • SharePoint allows one to edit within Office applications, however, its site pages cannot act as a parent to child articles.
  • SharePoint’s security is fairly top-notch, but becomes rather bewildering if you are with an organization with various user permissions.
  • SharePoint is a good choice if you only need a few content tweaks here and there, but anything beyond a simple change and you may need to call a developer. And developers cost money.

But the real money is in the $1,000,000 question: which software are you using for your content management? If it’s SharePoint, you may want to consider expanding your circle of software friends to include a company like Proposal Software.

Learn more about including a proposal management software in your process, not to replace SharePoint, but to compliment it, with our recent blog post, Fifty Shades of SharePoint.

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