Who is Skulking in the Shadows?

Posted by RocketDocs Content Writer | Feb 22, 2018

Theft to a business owner used to mean something very different than it does now. It used to mean walking over the broken glass of a shattered window or opening what should have been a locked door, only to discover money or merchandise stolen. In some cases, maybe a file cabinet was left open with the remaining documents left askew.

That, unfortunately, still happens, but modern theft also comes in the form of a digital criminal that moves in the shadows and is only after information. The days of only deciding which kind of camera surveillance you need are over. Now, you also need to determine which method of securing your data works best for you.

In the blog On-premise or Cloud-based? A Security Solution Comparison, the author summarizes expense versus security when determining which security solution small to medium-sized businesses should choose. On-premise data storage has a higher expense because of the hardware required and the on-site IT professionals needed to manage the system, whereas third parties manage cloud-based systems at a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, what makes cloud-based systems cheaper can also make them less secure. The third party you choose may be able to access and/or claim ownership of your data. Luckily, we now see the emergence of hybrid-systems. On-premise systems are reserved for the most frequently accessed and sensitive data, but, to save expense, cloud-based storage is utilized for other digital information.

Proposal Software considers your information to be as important as their own and employ different types of data storage to suit the customers’ needs. In fact, Proposal Software recently experienced a security assessment conducted by a global bank. Their verdict – our security is stable, which allows them to feel safe.

At Proposal Software, we make security a priority is because we know that it is also yours.

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